Podcast Interview on The Apologies Podcast Airs Tomorrow!

I first had the pleasure of meeting Emmy Award-winning producer, Lindsey Whissel Fenton, when she invited me to be a panelist for her Speaking Grief webinar on “Minimizing Burnout in Death Care Professionals.” Her deep empathy and curiosity about the deep and honest things that make us human shine through her work, and I am deeply grateful for the important conversations she opens up.

I’m so excited that Lindsey is launching her new podcast, The Apologies Podcast. From the website:

“The Apologies Podcast is a podcast about healing that’s really a podcast about people. It’s an acknowledgement that we all have moments when we fail to show up as our highest selves. And, it’s a way for us to transform shame into connection.

Host Lindsey Whissel Fenton talks with guests about who and how they are before inviting them to share their apology.”

I am thrilled to be the guest in her very first pilot episode of this podcast which will air tomorrow, Wednesday March 28 at 6am EST! It will be available on most major podcast platforms, and a link will also be added to this specific site once the episode is published: https://apologies-podcast.com/episode-1-hui-wen-sato/

Lindsey and I had such a beautiful conversation about my experiences as a nurse, my initial processing of my cancer diagnosis in light of the work I do, and then I share an apology to the person from long ago who I hurt deeply because I was too unhealthy to be respectful.

I hope you’ll enjoy listening to the conversation as much as I enjoyed having it!

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