Nursing is typically seen as one of the most meaningful and trusted professions, and yet it is not very well understood. Every day a nurse goes to work, he or she brings a unique set of skills, knowledge, personal and professional experience, personality, and heart to care for a patient and family that is often in crisis. The work is challenging, exhilarating, and can be exhausting. This site seeks to 1.) Bring voice to the inner experience of nurses who encounter suffering, healing, death, miracles, and everything in between; 2.) Encourage and support nurses and other healthcare workers who constantly battle the threat of burnout, and need to know they are not alone in their experience; 3.) Explore and restore meaning in caregiving for the worn-out caregivers.

From the author:


Hi, I’m Hui-wen (Alina) Sato, a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) nurse since 2010. I often joke that as an introvert and a fairly low-stimulation kind of person, I am working in a job where I don’t belong. Yet my passion for nursing has only grown over time, despite all of its incredible demands, complexities, and growing moral dilemmas. It is not an easy profession to be in, which makes me fight all the more fiercely for myself and my colleagues to find, rediscover, reframe, and sustain a deep sense of meaning and calling for the work we do.

Published Writing:

I have published work in American Journal of Nursing and blog regularly for them on Off the Charts. I have also published work in Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, The Oxford Handbook of Meaningful Work, and The Healer’s Burden: Stories and Poems of Professional Grief.

Featured Presentations:

I have presented both keynote and breakout sessions at local and national nursing conferences, and am available for speaking engagements as family obligations allow.

Thank you for visiting and reading. I hope this blog will encourage you, and help you encourage others, particularly those who work in healthcare.