a goodbye poem, to the one we will never forget.

You came

with a list

of diagnoses

that came with a list

of stipulations

that came with a list

of medications

that came with a list

of how to give them

for this stipulation or that one

of the

list of diagnoses.

You came

with a knack

for Legos

and a passion

for online gaming

and a pushiness

that drove us crazy

and a sense

of what was going on

and a way

of complaining, but not

and a love

for your family

especially one.

“Thank you for keeping me alive, mommy.”

We came

with lists

for your lists

and people

the entire hospital directory, in fact

and interventions

and medications for our interventions

and stipulations

and policies

and notes

You came and went

and we came and went

and you grew

and we marveled

and we grew

and each time

over the years

the dance had

slightly new moves

but we still knew

your dance.

And then you came

and we did not


this list.

We had not


this dance

with you.

And then you turned

to go

and it’s just

that we didn’t have the list

we didn’t know this dance

but you had already


to go

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