Upcoming NPR TED Radio Hour Podcast: Exploring Grief as a Nurse

Just finished my interview with Manoush Zomorodi for an upcoming episode of NPR TED Radio Hour, where she and I talk about grief and how I have learned to navigate it over time as a pediatric ICU nurse.

While certainly not lighthearted, I promise it’s not all doom and gloom. Rather it’s about walking through, and walking together, as humans. If now is not the time to learn to do this with our grief, I don’t know when is.

The episode airs Oct. 1, 2021. I invite you to listen live or you can find it on the podcast and listen at a time and space that works for you.

Also, Manoush is such a skilled and insightful interviewer such that she was able to bring thoughts regarding grief to the surface that I want to explore more. I’ll be doing a brief blog series on navigating grief, and I think it will be validating, hopeful and comforting without being overly pollyannaish.

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