Upcoming Webinar with Speaking Grief: Minimizing Burnout in Death Care Professionals

The Speaking Grief Initiative is doing such important work in recognizing and validating the reality of grief in our world, both personally and professionally. I’m so grateful to be a panelist in this upcoming webinar on “Minimizing Burnout in Death Care Professionals.

While this webinar speaks first and foremost to the experience of funeral directors, other professionals who work closely with people who have died, and those who love and grieve them deeply, such as healthcare workers and chaplains, will surely find areas of overlap in which they can relate.

Please join us if you can on Tuesday, May 24 at 3PM PST / 6PM EST. It will be available for free viewing on the Speaking Grief website after the live event as well. I’m so looking forward to participating and learning from the other panelists. It’s more important than ever to talk openly and honestly about these things.

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