New AJN Guest Post: Reexamining Resilience

Life has been full with a series of speaking engagements with different audiences, all of which have been immensely enjoyable in unique ways. I spoke with a wonderfully intimate small group of NICCU nurses from the hospital where I work about how we can better support one another in our own grief as nurses. The following week, I had the honor of presenting with two of my most respected mentors in the nursing ethics realm, Katherine Brown-Saltzman and Dr. Carol Pavlish, at the recent ASBH Annual Conference.  Later that same day was a lovely afternoon at the SPN Greater LA Chapter Annual Conference, talking about the idea of integrating grief as a practice of resilience.

All of these presentations had me dwelling quite a bit on this hot topic of resilience, and I had to ask, what exactly are we looking to cultivate and why?

It seemed to be a good opportunity to sit down and put my thoughts on reexamining resilience into written word, in this latest blog post for American Journal of Nursing’s blog, Off the Charts. You can read the post here.


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