Guest Post for American Journal of Nursing: Learning New Skills of Supporting One Another as Nurses

Life post-TEDx Talk is slowly returning to a more reasonable pace, which means I finally have more time to start writing again.

This latest guest blog post for the American Journal of Nursing is about an issue I have been wrestling with for awhile: Why do we nurses still seem to have a hard time talking with each other about our personal grief and trauma related to difficult patient cases we encounter?  I still wish I had more quick and easy answers to all of this. But for something as complicated as communication (despite how much I’d like to think of myself as a good communicator) about topics as complicated as grief, death and dying, I suppose I shouldn’t expect quick and easy answers. But it shouldn’t stop us from asking why we don’t/can’t communicate better with each other as nurses about our grief, and it certainly shouldn’t stop us from looking for ways to grow in this area.

Here is the blog post:

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