Livestream link for my TEDx Talk: How Grief Enables Me to Endure as a Nurse

**UPDATE**: The livestream link is no longer active. To view the TEDx Talk, please click here:


It’s been way too quiet on this blog, but that’s because I’ve been working on my biggest project to date – preparing my TEDx Talk entitled “How Grief Enables Me to Endure as a Nurse.” The Talk is finally here! It’s happening this Saturday, September 30, at the Huntington Library in Pasadena, CA. I’ll be speaking at approximately 3:45PM PST, and the talk is just over 9 minutes long, so if you have internet access and 10 minutes to spare, please by all means check in!

Here is the livestream link:

I have written a Q&A style post on my personal blog about the process of getting a spot in TEDx and going through the process of writing the talk, but absolutely plan to blog more thoughts and reflections here about what I have learned about the voice – and heart – of nursing through the process. That will happen after the Talk is done!

For now, back to final preparations for the big day. I’m incredibly grateful to TEDxPasadenaWomen for this opportunity. Thank you in advance for the support, and if you miss the livestream, the Talk will definitely be up on YouTube a bit later.


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