Upcoming TEDx Talk on Nursing

As my passion for finding greater heart-level support for myself and fellow nurses has grown, I have struggled to understand the lack of resources and voices available in both book and video format. Please don’t misunderstand me; I am incredibly grateful for the currently existing journals, books and websites that start to tell the story of what nurses do and go through. But for the number of nurses that are out there, and for all that we experience, we need more. Knowing of my restlessness, a friend connected me with the TEDx Talk director of TEDx Pasadena Women, and by the grace of God, my speaker application was accepted for their September 30 event at the Huntington Library, RISE! This is huge because there are many TED/TEDx talks with doctors, not so many with nurses.  I’ll be speaking to the issue of burnout, but not in the traditional sense of how this topic is addressed. I want to reframe contributors to burnout and challenge us to think about them in a less conventional, hopefully healthier way.

I am not looking for fame; I simply want a greater voice for nurses because though we are generally well-trusted, we are still not well understood by the general public. Beyond that, we need to hear from each other in a different way that we are not alone in the deeper heart trenches. It is an honor to contribute to this voice and I hope to do our profession justice.

Here are some links with more details about the event and the TEDx Pasadena Women.



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